Door Locks go High Tech

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One of the key components to any home security system is the installation and use of effective door locks. A great number of burglaries occur because doors aren’t properly secured. You can certainly secure them somewhat with the traditional deadbolts, but there are high-tech options available on the market that can make your doors nearly impenetrable.

First, before you run out and buy a high-tech lock, you should know that they are not cheap. If you can afford these kinds of door locks, then you need to completely understand the kind of high-tech door lock you need. You want to be knowledgeable about its features and its capabilities and you should know how to operate it, as should everyone living in your house.

Hardwired Keypads

This kind of high-tech door lock is easy to install and operate, but it kind of gives off an institutional vibe, which might not be what you are trying to achieve in your home. To operate this kind of lock, you enter a code onto a number pad to unlock the door. The door automatically locks when it closes and you can program the code to only work at certain times.

Wireless Remote Deadbolts

This kind of high-tech door lock is engaged when a key on a remote keychain is depressed. These locks work in the same way traditional deadbolts work, but they don’t have to have a key to open them.

Card Readers

With these high-tech door locks, you waive a key card in front of the reader and access is only granted to those who have the right cards. Offices use these kinds of locks often, as do hotels and motels. These cards can be connected to a computer which can then record entrances for better security.

Biometric Readers

These locks are programmed to recognize fingerprints or hand shapes. They are highly secure because only the person whose fingerprints match will be allowed access. These systems are recommended for indoor use only and are often seen in high-security areas such as laboratories and governmental agencies.

All of these high-tech locks can be used in conjunction with a home security system, but remember that they are very expensive, particularly the card readers and the biometric readers. They are not necessities, yet, but they do add an additional layer of security if you feel your traditional keyed locks aren’t enough. Certainly, if you have the money, they are an excellent investment.

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Door Locks go High Tech

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Door Locks go High Tech

This article was published on 2011/12/28