Padlocks-Future of Locks

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The future of security no longer depends on dead-bolts or padlocks. It depends on what the technology has to offer. Carrying around keys is not feasible anymore and at times losing them can be dangerous. Also, robbers and thieves can easily duplicate the keys and violate your property and belongings. Due to such situations, seeking an alternative to keys is a better solution.If you have decided to upgrade your security, installing keypad locks is a good option. A keypad lock normally works on a 10-digit numeric code that should be entered in order to unlock it. Although initially it only worked on numeric keypad and a code, alphabetized keypads and passwords are also being introduced. A keypad lock enhances security better than a traditional lock. It cannot be opened with the correct code or password, thus you are able to control who opens or closes it. The process of entering a code or password of your liking and opening the lock at your will is a very unique benefit.

The keypad lock runs on simple AA batteries, which means that no external wires or additional electrical current is required in making it work. It is easy to install yourself or if you rather want an expert hand then you can call the manufacturing company to provide you with the necessary help. They require no extra maintenance and are quite easy to use. Moreover, it comes with an auto lock feature which means that when you close after opening, it will automatically lock itself. You will not have to press any buttons or reset any code for that matter. Initially, keypad locks were quite expensive. Only multinational corporates, government agencies and five star hotels and resorts could afford to have such hi-tech security on their premises. They had the money to spare. However, with recent technological development keypad locks are much more readily available. They have become quite a favorite mode of security for residential areas. Moreover, these locks can be used anywhere. Usually they are opted to be installed on doors and room partitions. Now, they are also being used on safes, vaults, windows, file cabinets and closets.

The traditional lock is always in the danger of being unlocked or broken. Lock picking, lock bumping and lock busting are few of the methods that the thieves acquire in trespassing onto your property or relieving you of your personal possessions. A keypad lock, on the other hand, is under no such dangers. It cannot be picked or bumped. It functions through a code or password that is not easy to track and only the owner has idea of it. Furthermore, it cannot be easily duplicated like a key. A keyless keypad lock resists against the growing threats of burglary that are occurring nowadays.It is quite easy to reset the code or password of the keypad lock, if you feel the need for it. Also, many of these locks have a backlight feature that makes it easier for you to enter the code or password at night time.

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Padlocks-Future of Locks

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This article was published on 2011/07/05