Type of Locks for Insuring Security

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Locks have their own importance in insuring the security of a home. The concept of lock has been evolved to avert any kind of compelled entry to one's properties. The main function of a lock is to protect some one's house. There are distinct kinds of locks for distinct kind of purposes. Here are some most utilised kind of security devices and their best application localities.


  • Made of a steel hinge with an anchoring bolt. These types of security devices can be utilised to secure barriers, garages and sheds
  • A padlock is inserted through the lock and the ring to defend the hasp

Barrel Bolt:

  • Benefits the mechanism of sliding lock to secure average weighted door
  •  Accessible with productive finishes and with universal surface
  • A spring action is associated with some Barrel Bolts to grab the bolt with lockable functions


  • Made of a metal plate with latch slides and can be utilised to defend nearly all kind of doorways
  • A new kind of bargain locksets with strikes is available, but an attentive homeowner may favour to use high-security strikes which are not that cheap
  • Strike locks are effortlessly adjustable and can supply 1/4" change to use them with doorways effectively.

Latch Guard:

  • Utilised for in-opening doorways
  • Supplies security for doors and stops the frame from dispersing
  •  There are distinct kinds of Latch Guards concerning shapes and dimensions ranging from 7" to 12".

Blend Secure:

  • Client should use a specific combination to unlock the lock
  • Is apt to protected any kind of steel or metal cartons

Pin-Tumbler padlock:

  • Supply largest security for valuables
  •  Interior mechanism of pin-tumbler locking system is nearly unrealistic for robbers to pick
  • Tumblers with 5 or more pins are best in relation to security and the next best is with 4 pins.

Tubular Cylinder Padlock:

  • Can be administered with many keys by replacing interior cylinder
  • Pins are organised with circles
  • The key blend is cylindrical

These are the most used kinds of security devices for depository safes. Also there are numerous types of locks such as cable lock, U-Bar lock, Gun secure, magnetic and trailer lock which are utilised for relevantly lesser purposes. For more information visit at:  locksmith in hyattsville

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Type of Locks for Insuring Security

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This article was published on 2013/08/19